Brett Henderson, MSc student

Brett is an MSc student developing methods to course-grain the calculation of the dielectric constant for nanocomposite materials.  Originally from San Diego, California, he digs the chill outdoorsy vibes of Victoria and says that Vancouver Island is “pretty dope.”  Outside of the lab, he spends his time watching sick movies, kicking back in the mountains, and searching for bomb carne asada burritos wherever he can find them.

Archita Adluri, MSc student

I received my undergrad degree from Memorial University in chemistry and joined the Paci group as a grad student in 2018. My research here focuses is on the electronic properties of nanocomposite materials, specifically molecular nanoparticles in metal-oxide dielectrics.When im not working I love to bake and draw.

Sofia Donnecke, MSc student

Sofia’s text

James McFarlane, PhD student

James is a Vancouver Island local who has been with the Paci group since 2012 as an undergraduate researcher. Today, he is a PhD candidate in the group working on computational methods to enhance the prediction of protein-ligand complexes with implications in drug design. When he is not in front of a computer, he is on the trails or at the beach

Chao-Ming (Elvis) Ting, PhD student

After obtaining my BSc in physics at UVic (2012), I continued my MSc at UVic but in the chemistry department. My current project is about self-assembled monolayer formation of thiol(ate) on gold surfaces using ab initio quantum method – density functional theory to be specific.

David Hally, PhD student

I am a graduate student from Halifax, NS with a BSc from Dalhousie University. My research focuses on developing quantum/classical hybrid methods for dielectric response of nanocomposite materials.

Emilian Tuca, PhD student

Graduate student, originally from Romania, where I obtained my BSc and MSc in chemistry. My PhD work includes development and implementation of parallel tempering Monte Carlo methods for the theoretical study of self-assembling systems as well as investigations into surface self-assembly of chiral molecules.

Yarra Hassan, undergraduate research student

Born in Jerusalem but having lived most of her life in Vancouver, Yarra is currently is working towards getting a BSc in chemistry at UVic. Since 2018 Yarra has worked with the Paci group on numerous projects, such as self assembly surfaces and nanoparticles; generally anything Dr.Paci is willing to give Yarra. When Yarra is not looking at her computer, you can find her biking, hiking, and playing board games. 

Natalie Stubb, visiting MSc student

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